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Servers, Storage, VA Licenses & Cost

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Impact on Cost of Running Video Analytics

  • Percentage of cameras running Video Analytics is the only single factor that influences overall CCTV system design and hence overall Cost
  • Can Apply same Design Template across all airports as far as Video Analytics is concerned
  • Each Airport has unique characteristics because of different BOQ camera quantities and functionality grouping of cameras
  • If one uses a Single Design Template per airport then we run the risk of under served or over served airports unless a thorough analysis is done
  • As shown a 20 % VA applied to all airports is more than sufficient to cover the difference in cost
  • All cameras running Video Analytics has a significant cost impact across the board on the entire system
  • Individually setting every camera to run video analytics, their calibration to perform correctly becomes a management overhead
  • There is a significant increase in False Alarms

Cost Increases Exponentially as % VA increases from Simulation

server storage