Intrudx Most powerful Alert Mechanism for Unmatched Security
Powerful Alert Mechanism

A complete modern platform which is Built on Powerful Alert Mechanism

Each of these alarm types can be configured to send a video clip to the server, notify you with a priority alarm and even notify friends / family depending on need. Together, this creates a powerful tool-set to watch over your home with highest regard to your safety.

  • Intrusion - Any door/ garage entry
  • Line crossing - Any movement across de-marked area
  • Wrong direction movement - Any movement across a marked area with a specific direction of movement
  • Unattended object - Unrecognized / New object detected at location.
  • Object/Traffic Counting - Count number of people entering / exiting a watched area.
  • Asset Protection - Recognize an object and alarm if any tampering on the object
  • Loitering - Detect unusual movement and/or time spent in a watched area
  • Scene change - Detect any small changes in watched scene
  • Object stopped - Detect foreign objects beyond a perimeter
  • Illegal parking - Unrecognized object in marked area
  • Crowd detection - More than specified assembly in an area
  • License plate detection - Detect car license plates using camera